Nailish™ Professional Electric Nail Drill

Nailish™ Professional Electric Nail Drill - Angelicly

Nailish™ Professional Electric Nail Drill

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Get your Nails Done,

No Mess & Pay Less

Time & Energy Saver
Better Nail Health
 Perfect Manicure
Completely Safe
⭐Money Saver

The Nailish Electric Nail Polishing Drill is a safe, simple and effortless gadget to keep your nails shiny and beautiful, for both natural and acrylic nails

The powerful motor provides low vibration and no sound, which guarantees ultimate protection, comfort and minimal pressure to nail beds. 

Treat Your Nails Like They Deserves To Be Treaded

The 6 high-quality, interchangeable drills allow you to have an easy nail clean up to a professional manicure like removing excess cuticles or calluses and curing ingrown nails.

Emery Rod

Use with sanding band to remove topcoat & nail gel

Cylinder Shape

 Remove nail gel & dead skin, shorten & shape nails for larger areas

Small Cylinder Shape

Remove nail gel & dead skin, shorten & shape nails for hard-to-reach areas

Awl Shape

 Drill the nail edges & dead skin

Bullet Shape

 Remove nail gel & dead skin on nail edges

Needle Shape

Remove the nail rhinestones and dead skin on hard-to-reach areas. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it for one time use?

A.The Drill can be used several times. And are made to last for a long time.

Q. Does it go fast?

A. It is made for styling and polishing your nail, but still be safe for the nails and you.

Q. Do you need a charger or plug to use it?

A. It dosent require a plug or charger, all you need is battery and then you are good to go for a long time. It looks just like a pen and is perfect to bring with you while traveling.

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